About this blog

This blog is a product of a program that is training Muslim college women to be sexual health educators for their peers. The participants will be gaining sexual health knowledge, leadership skills, and be involved in some innovative research. The program will be a culturally-sensitive approach to women’s health issues, taking into account our Muslim values.

We will start with a basic 101 so that we all are on the same track with respect to a foundation for sexual health knowledge. Then, we will start exploring what healthy relationships look like, and the institutions, societal expectations and cultural expectations that either compromise the ability to have a healthy relationship, or reinforce it. Then, we will look at sexual violence, what it looks like in the Muslim community, and talk about how we can begin to address it. The final product will be a toolkit designed to raise awareness about the importance of sexual education for Muslim youth, as well as ways we can implement it in a manner that is culturally sensitive.

This blog represents the diversity of voices in this peer education program. As facilitators, we do not endorse any one perspective, but rather let the peer educators speak for themselves. A hallmark of HEART programs is to ensure that participants’ voices and opinions are heard, to acknowledge and honor the diversity of perspectives in this world. Thus, on this blog you will find all perspectives, traditional, and not so traditional, mild and controversial, and provocative and thought provoking.

Truly, this will be an amazing experience.

This project is funded by Advocates for Youth  and the One Chicago One Nation grant and implemented by HEART Women & Girls.

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