Rape is OK When

a. You dress provocatively?

b. You get him excited sexually?

c. You are in a relationship?

d. You are either stoned or drunk?

The correct answer: none of the above, rape is never OK. Most of you are probably thinking, “Duh, what an obvious answer!” Yes, the answer to this question should be a clear cut, common sense answer for everyone. We all should know rape can never be justified. Shockingly, however, not everyone will agree. Some people will actually choose from the options given above. There are many adolescents, and even adults, today who believe that forced sexual activity can be acceptable, depending on the circumstances.

I was going through my news feed on Facebook one day and I came across a survey that was taken at a public high school. The survey asked students when it was acceptable for a boy to hold a girl down and force her to have sex. A variety of possible scenarios were given including: if the boy is intoxicated, the girl dresses in sexually exciting clothing, they are in a relationship, or if the girl has led the guy on. On average, 43.7% of the male students, and 25.33% of the female students, answered, that in any of these situations rape is acceptable. These ideas that “the girl was asking for it” or “she deserved it” (or- “he deserved it”) have become such common justifications for something as atrocious as rape. We may think that everyone knows forced sexual activity is unacceptable no matter what, but the fact is many kids either do not know or do not want to accept that rape will NEVER be acceptable.

There are many articles and surveys indicating that people think rape are acceptable. The need for awareness, advocacy, and education about sexual violence should be apparent. We need to teach children, and everyone for that matter, that it is NEVER ok to be raped or coerced into any form of sexual activity. They need to be informed that they have the right to be respected and loved, not humiliated or abused. They also need to know that no matter what the situation, a forced sexual act will never be accepted or tolerated.

Today’s generation needs better role models, more education and awareness, and a stronger/safer system to ensure that nobody ever feels that they deserve to be mistreated/disrespected, or that they have the right to violate another person in any way. And these factors: positive role models, proper education, and a strong system start in our homes and schools. Creating awareness about sexual violence, advocating for the rights and respect of people, and instilling these positive morals in our children (the future leaders and building blocks of our society) are just some ways to ensure that we do our part to protect and educate our future generation.

Written By- Sabaahath Latifi

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jordan
    Apr 11, 2013 @ 23:14:33

    I think that an ongoing problem is that men have been the ones to decide when it is okay and not okay. It is NEVER okay, but I think women need to take more control of their sexuality. Education, awareness, and articles like this one are key to defining rape and establishing just what the boundaries are. The lines are unfortunately blurry and our laws don’t always help the victim. We need to keep talking about it so that we can educate anyone who will listen, including victims of rape who are having a hard time coming forth.


    • snl88
      Apr 12, 2013 @ 10:10:09

      Nicely said Jordan! You are right, women do need to take control over their sexuality. Sexual violence awareness and better support for sexual violence survivors are both lacking in society today. Advocacy, the written word, and education are definitely all essential toward making those blurry lines straight and clear. Thanks for the response!


  2. Jahanara
    Apr 12, 2013 @ 04:32:44

    Nicely written Sabaahath. It’s sad that teens can justify rape. It just goes to show that more education is needed, on this issue, within our high schools.


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