April is SAAM

S Hasan

Now that all the bunnies have been reverse anthropomorphized and the eggs have been found, what better way to kick April off than by shining a light on it!

My all time FAVORITE awareness month became officially official in 2009 per a very scholarly source. While April 2nd (today) was the intended Day of Action, the best part about this month is that you can make each day your Day of Action: start for now by wearing your teal ribbon proud and loud, taking an oath to speak up whenever and wherever you should, and taking a few minutes each day to making yourself more informed while you try to inform others.

On that last note we’ll try our best to contribute by posting resources we find helpful, definitions you should be aware of, curious current events (honestly, I’m stuck on how brilliant the recently coined Rape Ross is…opinions to follow soon) and the like.

For now though I will leave you with my favorite myth from RVA’s list of Myths & Facts:

MYTH: All women secretly want to be raped.
Women, like all human beings, want a life of dignity and safety. Sexual assault robs a person of dignity and a sense of personal safety. No one wants the physical and emotional pain caused by sexual assault.

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