“Why I Don’t Use the ‘F’ Word” – saniasufi.wordpress.com

Just wanted to share this….it has some interesting insights on Western Feminism and its implications for women of color and Muslims across the world.

Check it out: http://saniasufi.wordpress.com/2012/05/24/why-i-dont-use-the-f-word/

Why are Western values the yardstick to which other society’s morals and principles are to be judged by?

"We can definitely see the discourse of “Feminism” as a tool of modern day imperialism through examining the ongoing “War on Terror”. While the US and its allies use military warfare against those who resist their authoritarian and unconscionable rule, another tactic is cultural warfare, or to alter the “hearts and minds” of its subjects through Imperialist motivated cultural and political centers (Human Rights organizations, Financial Institutions such as the IMF & World Bank, Charity/Educational Organizations such as USAID, etc.). Thus, most of these Western institutions and ideas currently act as an “ideological wing” of the War on Terror. By using “Feminism” to critique the Muslim world, the underlying perception is that the Muslim World is an underdeveloped and uneducated region, consisting of medieval concepts exemplified through treatment of women, and thus are in dire need of a Western and lofty (both adjectives are synonymous) “civilizing mission” in the form of laws, education, religion, culture, and just about everything else."


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