Homosexuality: scientific studies and therapy. by Sehar Sufi

In an effort to broaden the discussion on homosexuality on this blog, I tried to look for resources that expounded on homosexuality through a purely scientific lens, with no religious or opinionated bias. By no means have I researched it extensively, but I wanted to share what I found that so far I thought was a significant source for educational information and scientific studies on the subject.

http://narth.com/ is a website full of educational information on homosexuality and they also offer therapy for people who are trying to fight their urges…people who may be of the belief that it is not natural to have homosexual urges. This excerpt is from the "about" portion of the website:


Other members simply feel a scientific and ethical responsibility to present what science can and cannot say about homosexuality as well as to foster psychological care consistent with the best outcomes for those who seek it. Such care should be extended to all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation. In the spirit of diversity and anchored to the ethical principles of client self-determination and client autonomy, NARTH members are committed to providing scientifically grounded psychological care rendered in the context of compassion. While NARTH may disagree with a more popular worldview, and assert that homosexuality is not invariably fixed in all people, disagreement is not discrimination. Such attempts to label NARTH’s position as "bigoted" or "hateful" are straw man attacks and are unsound.

Browse through the website’s articles and feel free to let us know what you think. Could something like this be used in Muslim communities for those who seek this kind of therapy? What would our therapy comprise of?

Also, check out what one well-known and knowledgeable American scholar says about the view of homosexuals in the Muslim community: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HisIwWhyU34

"We don’t classify people by tendencies, we classify people by actions."


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